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Posted by on Feb 1, 2015 in Blog |


When the gun goes off, it is GO time.  Time to run hard, run smart and run fast.  Splits every quarter mile will help you pace to you PR mile time.  NO EXCUSES.  Strategy is as important in our 1 MILE race as it is in a marathon.  GO out too fast and your gonna pay.  GO out too slow and it will be too late to make up last time.  Do you try to be a showboating front runner or do you wisely hang back a bit and kick it hard in the last quarter?  Train smart and learn what strategy works best for you.  

For you BEER MILE nut-heads, there is no strategy except to finish but rules will be provided race day.  One rule we can share with you now is that when it is “hurl” time, please be considerate of those behind you as you “spew chunks”!  We would hate to see the runners behind you slipping and sliding on your mess-however, come to think of it, that could be a race winning strategy!