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Beer Mile

Beer Drinking Runners and Hooligans~ we’ve got your number!

The Twisted Mile!

Did you think we would leave out the most fun and raucous group of semi-tough athletes.  Just ’cause your fast doesn’t mean you can chug and sprint and chug and sprint and….  The last wave of the night will be our inaugural BEER MILE , The Twisted Mile!  YOU MUST BE 21 (WITH VALID ID), CERTIFIABLY NUTS AND SIGN A WAIVER WAVING THE TWO RACE DIRECTORS, TIFFANY AND JOHN, OF ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS PRIOR TO, DURING AND AFTER THE EVENT.  WE MUST ALSO HAVE PROOF OF A DESIGNATED DRIVER OR PASS OUR BREATHALYZER TEST.   We will be strictly following the official BEER MILE rules in case a world record time is achieved.  For hoots, check out Youtube for some awesome BEER MILE videos. Peak Running With a Twist will be providing the beer, of course!