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Beer Mile

Beer Drinking Runners and Hooligans:

Did you think we would leave out the most fun and raucous group of semi-tough athletes.  Just ’cause your fast doesn’t mean you can chug and sprint and chug and sprint and….  The last wave of the night will be our inaugural BEER MILE!  YOU MUST BE 21 (WITH VALID ID), CERTIFIABLY NUTS AND SIGN A WAIVER WAVING THE TWO RACE DIRECTORS, TIFFANY AND JOHN, OF ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS PRIOR TO, DURING AND AFTER THE EVENT.  WE MUST ALSO HAVE PROOF OF A DESIGNATED DRIVER OR PASS OUR BREATHALYZER TEST.   We will be strictly following the official BEER MILE rules in case a world record time is achieved.  For hoots, check out Youtube for some awesome BEER MILE videos. Peak Running With a Twist will be providing the beer, of course!