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Date: With much regret, the 2018 PR Mile has been canceled.  We are so very sorry for an inconvenience this may have caused you.  Please visit our Facebook page for further updates.  All registrations will be refunded including the processing fee.

Time: 1st gun is not going off at 6:20pm this year.      No need to check your age group wave time this year!

Awards:  The male elite wave was going to go off at 7:45 and the BEER MILE was going to immediately follow.  Don't you hate to have to wait around forever for the awards?  WE DO, TOO!!!  Age group races will receive their podium pictures, accolades and awards (including gift certificates to Peak Running) immediately following their races. No typical plastic trophies or cheesy medals here.  ATTENTION, BREAKING NEWS AGAIN:  We are offering a $500 bonus to the fastest runner that breaks a 4:00 mile!  To qualify, you have to run a chip time of under 4:00, and be the fastest overall.

Post race:  Great music, Great Beer and Chuck's BBQ.  'Nuff said. (For non-runners, food and beer can be purchased for $10.00 - cash only.  You can't allow your family to go hungry!)

Location: The start line is on Cass Avenue about a 1/2 mile south of I-55 in the Argonne Labs/Waterfall Glen area, south of Darien.  However, race central is at the finish line exactly 1 mile further down Cass Avenue.  The ONLY way to get there is to take Route 83 (Kingery Hwy) to the Bluff Road stop light (Clark gas station on southwest corner) about 1 1/2 miles south of I-55..  The road will be blocked by officer Friendly but tell him or her you are a serious runner and have the right to drive through.  If you ask nice and smile, he or she will let you past.  Remember the Black Knight scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail?  No swords needed or limbs lost, though.

Parking: There are no large parking lots in the area, so any where you can find a spot off the race course and where you won't get towed or ticketed is fine with us.  Suggested parking is along the side of Bluff Road.  Parking attendants will direct you. Please park off the road as much as possible but not so far that you get stuck in a ditch.   Tiffany and I both have Jeeps but we will be too busy to pull you out.  Our suggestion is to ARRIVE EARLY AND STAY LATE.  You won't regret it.  Wherever you park, no whining about a long walk, you are a runner and walking is good for you.

Packet pick up/walk up registration: Will be at Peak Running (our title sponsor) in Downers Grove the Thursday before the race and at Peak Running With A Twist (also our title sponsor) in Burr Ridge the Friday before the race between 10:00 and 5:00.  Packet Pick up will also be available race night starting at 5:30.  The goal is for you to buy something while you are at Peak Running, though.  How many HUMA packets do you need for a 1 mile race? 

Price: $24.95 Race Fee  (I know, cheap!)   Our shirts are really, really nice and not defiled with sponsor logos.  It was designed so you will enjoy wearing it any time, any place.  It is also a shirt you would normally have to pay mucho dinero for.  You may want to buy a few extra.  We can haggle race night.  It was designed by a local, future shirt legend and running phenom, Jack Hosteler (winner of our 2016 race with a time of 4:33.4).  He generously gave us the right to use his awesome design.

Online registration is closed.  You will not be able to register in person at Peak Running or race night.

Race Day registration will not be available starting at 5:30pm on August 4th.  Race Day registration was $30.00


Now for the Do's and Don'ts
Bicycles, in-line skates, other wheeled vehicles (except wheelchairs and hand cranks), baby joggers and strollers and dogs are not allowed on the course.
Overall winner (for each sex) will be determined by actual order of finish/gun-time.
Age group awards will be handed out to the top three male and female in each age division 70 +,69-60,59,50,49-40,39-30,29-20,19-12, 11 and younger, plus top three elite male and elite female.

CARA Race Survey:

We want The PR Mile to be the best race possible.  We know we can't please everyone but we will always try our hardest to.  For those of you that have had the good fortune of being a past race participant, please do us one small favor and fill out the CARA survey.  We take your comments very seriously and they are important to us.  Below is what they provided us to provide to you which we hope you will take the time to provide to us...

The PR Mile (One-Mile) - CARA Certified Race Survey
You are being asked to complete a five question race survey as part of this events participation in the CARA Certified Race program. CARA Certified Races are ones which promise to adhere to CARA’s Best Practices Guidelines. These Guidelines embody the highest standards for the execution of a road race. Races which follow and adhere to these Guidelines are eligible for certification and promotion by CARA. This survey information will assist CARA, and the event, in evaluation and future planning. This survey will remain open for 14 days after race day.

Link to Survey:


Signup for 2018  here

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